For inquiries, direct emails to INFO@SMITH5MUSIC.COM
SUNDAYS       @ Delilah's w/ Ryan Cross and Guests         West Hollywood, CA
SATURDAYS  @ the Luxe Hotel w/ CJ Emmons                         Los Angeles, CA
01/10/2019      @ Downtown Independent w/ Marissa Gomez   Los Angeles, CA 
01/16/2019      @ Daybreaker LA with the Downtown Horns    Venice Beach, CA
01/26/2019      @ Christ Church Cathedral w/ Theodicy                  Cincinatti, OH
03/16/2019      @ Edmonds Center w/    Booker T Jones                Edmonds, WA
04/26/2019      @ Nidaros Blues Festival w/ Booker T Jones     Nidaros, Norway
​The Downtown Horns are a modern take on the classic horn sections of the Golden
Era of American Music.

Envisioned by Wes Smith, Justin Kirk and Chris Bautista, the Downtown Horns bring the drive and energy of the inimitable horn section sound back to modern music.

The Downtown Horns can be heard playing on a growing number of Los Angeles artists' singles, EPs and albums and in residency at the popular 'Daybreaker LA' dance party.